Thursday, May 4, 2017

PJ Writers Celebration!!

The PJ Writers are celebrating their accomplishments.  Please join us on Thursday May 18th after school in the high school library.  We will hear from our writers and enjoy some refreshments.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Up and Coming PJ Writers!

“He Is”
The bashful pigment in his cheeks, the piercing ocean in his eyes. I try to look away, but his beauty is something I cannot deny. The softness in his touch, the gentleness in his smile, just looking at him makes me want to cry. He is but a work of art, a masterpiece, beauty that neither Da Vinci nor Picasso could define. He is a blank canvas enriched with vibrant colors. He can neither be painted, tainted, erased or refined. He is my all, he is my everything; every beat of my heart, every breath from my lungs, everything I aspire and everything I desire. He is the axis that keeps my world spinning, the light that keeps my galaxy's bright, and the force that keeps my universe whole.

by Erika (9th grade) 

Up and Coming PJ Writers!

"Where I'm From"
I am from old family photo’s
From stairs and chairs
I am from the blue wooden house
It feels happy
I am from the rose
The walnut tree
Whose long gone limbs i remember
As if they were my own

I’m from dinner and fan
From Alexis and Aria
I’m from debates and wrestling
And from horror flicks

I’m from cleaning and eating
And “Enter Sandman”
I’m from a cup of tea or hot chocolate after dinner
I’m from Port Jervis and America
Ice cream and pasta
From my sister swallowing liquid when she was first born and
stayed in the hospital for two weeks

Christmas nicknames on the shelves in the living room

by Melanie (11th grade)

Up Coming PJ Writers!

"My Desire"

His smile
His laugh
Those eyes
I can hardly breathe
When he is near I melt inside
I can’t help it but the flutters in my stomach tear me up
He so kind
So fine
Oh how I wish he were mine
It breaks my heart when he is far
He is a sparkle in my eye like a star
He is my sun of daylight
Shining brighter than the night,
And when he is gone I fade away
Hiding in my shadow till end of day
I remembered the day I first heard his voice
Like an angel in my head singing me a song
He brighten my heart everytime

He the only one I truly love

by Rebecca (9th grade)

Up and Coming PJ Writers!

   Tonight's about me
   The party is gonna be
   Lit the party is gonna be flee
  Got my little outfit ready to run the street
  Tonight is my time
  Not here to commit a crime
  It's time to follow my dreams
  You would think they were nightmares the way they scream

by Josh (9th grade)